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LAC Member Spotlight: Bob Friedenberg says, "It's NOT A WOLF!"

January 16, 2011

By Allen Pearson

Bob, Howi and Bernard

Quantum leap? Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal? Quantum Tunneling- this reminds me something I did in last winter’s snow!! And, what is String Theory? I’m clueless. But, ask Bob Friedenberg. Not only does he understand and have a PhD in physics, but he has an incredible talent in doodling.

We met for breakfast in Purcellville, where I learned that this former physicist is a doodler at heart! A passion since childhood, his family encouraged him to start again! His imagination and fascination with sci-fi and things-physics are at the heart of his drawings.

I was intrigued at the way Bob creates his works of art. It’s not simply a matter of putting pen to paper and illustrating a dog or whatever…I know because I asked. It’s deeper. Something like that would be trivial to him. He begins by finding something he’d like to draw. It may come to him while talking with his wife, family, friends, or coworkers, or while surfing the internet but it doesn’t stay there. It goes further.

Using the idea of illustrating a cuckoo clock, he starts drawing it. However, as he does, if he decides that a “skier” or “snowman” might look great on the side of the clock, even though it’s not there on the original, he’ll add it in. This description may leave you thinking that he creates a bunch of wandering mindless pieces that no one would want. That’s far from the truth! The “parts” or “pieces” added to the clock, creates depth and keeps you wondering what else you might find in this illustration. I found myself looking at his work for the longest time.

"Crystal City"

Some illustrations he’s just starting can be found on his Facebook page, “Not-Wolf-Productions”. Check it out and comment- he reads them.

Bob began participating in shows in 2010 with a relative which quickly led to one of his early successes: winning “Best in Show” at Clifton Day.

Bob’s wife, JoEllen, does ALL the work for “Not-Wolf-Productions”. She handles the production, marketing, and web design. Without her skills, Bob’s lost!

Not-Wolf Productions”, is named after his dog which looks like a wolf and howls like a wolf but has absolutely no wolf in ‘em!” And, yes, had to meet Howi (Miwok Indian for ‘Turtle Dove’), the “not-wolf” and yes, he looks like a wolf!

Allen Pearson
Nature, Dog, Cat Photographer, “Allen Pearson’s Photos


Member Spotlight: Nadine's Folly & Glass Art

November 16, 2010

By Allen Pearson

Looking for a unique Christmas or Holiday gift this year?  Something not from a store?  Check out Nadine’s Folly, Glass Art, of Ashburn.

I joined Nadine on her typical morning commute to her studio, “It’s a killer!,” she says, “Sometimes, the kitchen slows me down!!”  We ended up in the basement with a computer, materials, machines, and a comfortable client area where I was shown the process of creating glass art.

How does it happen?  Want artglass but don’t have a design? Nadine has several reference materials, such as catalogs and magazines, to generate an idea.  When I suggested drawing my own design she smiled, and said “of course, someone can do that,  that’d be great!,” She assists you from start to finish with every single detail.

After selecting/creating a design the excitement begins.   She takes your design and draws it out in detail.    Then, uses a computer program to enhance it and fill the colors.  During the design stage, she works closely with the client to get the design exactly as you envision, before the actual creation begins!

Once the client approves, glass selection is next.  She has quite a selection to choose from and can order pieces.   Now, she gets to have the fun she’s done for 30 years!  She will cut, grind, foil, solder, clean, and polish the glass to create art.

Nadine’s had the opportunity to create artglass for clients including Loudoun County and  Fairfax schools,  Beth Chaverim Reform Congregation in Ashburn and a Synagogue in Falls Church.  Her fondest memory is at Legacy Elementary School where a stained glassed window was dedicated to a young boy who recently passed away.  The work included  Labrador Retrievers, music, sun, soccer ball, science, flowers and his favorite colors, red and blue.  The work was placed by a garden named after the student.

Nadine’s art career began as a portrait artist but changed after she sat in on a stained glass class for her husband.  She studied fine arts  at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.   She is currently serving as Secretary for the International Guild of Glass Artists and President of the National Capital Art Glass Guild.

Want to Christmas shop? The website is,, contact her soon! Nadine’s work is one of a kind and unique, you’ll need to plan to have that special Christmas present.

Allen Pearson


Member Spotlight: ARTLINGZ

August 16, 2010

By Allen Pearson

Love art, have or work with children or grandchildren?!? Want to create an art lesson but avoid the headaches and expenses? Check out – an art resource for parents, babysitters, teachers, grandparents, anyone involved with children ages 4 – 12!!

Artlingz is art instruction for children. My inquiry to the owner, Lori Schue, gave me several pages of information about her program. Prompt replies were more prompter than prompt, I was impressed. I read the material and became fascinated with the program.

To begin this journey, go to and look around. The website is user-friendly and designed to catch your attention and keep it. You want to investigate. Being adventurous, the Explorer link immediately got my attention. I clicked on it and took a virtual field trip around the world to many well-known art museums by websites.

An email address is needed to access materials which you can select and purchase. As stated several times, Artlingz keeps your email private and does not share! Not sharing is a good thing, in this case.

I entered the Lesson Vault where I found an incredible selection of projects you can choose. Projects are based on Artists, Technique, Topic, Medium, and Adaptive Art (art for children with disabilities will be launched soon). Move your mouse over one of the topics and look to the left at the canvas, a brief description appears giving a general idea for the plan. On the right side of the screen are links to information where you can learn to effectively use this valuable resource. I checked out the Mixed Media and Native American Indian links and quickly learned about making a headdress.

And, there’s a gallery where your children’s work can be posted. How cool is that?

An important note, teachers anywhere in the universe can purchase and use the curriculum offered as it goes beyond National Standards for Visual Arts guidelines needed for instruction in schools., created by Lori Schue, Visual Communications degree, taught and written children’s art curriculum for over 20 years for schools and international programs such as Scholastic. Authored “Art Works for Kids,” series of books published by Evan Moor Publishing.

Allen Pearson is a Nature, Dog and Cat Photographer and a Loudoun Arts Council member and volunteer, for which we are most grateful. You can see his work at


Family Friendly! Fun! Free! – This weekend only!

June 18, 2010

Dear Mom,

So, I was thinking about a fun way to spend Father’s Day Weekend. Something fun, and outdoors, and even a little bit artsy? (That part is a secret.)

You know we are always dragging Daddy to weird conferences, and concerts? And how he just likes the driving part? Or how we drag him shopping? And how he complains about having to carry all the bags?

So, here is my idea. The Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour. What? You think you can hear him groaning already? (Yeah, I might hear him groaning all the way from Texas.)

But look! Daddy loves power tools, right? We can go see wood turning, or glass blowing, or welding! Daddy cannot be separated from his camera, right? – there are photographers of everything – landscapes, people, animals… There are also painters, potters, jewelers, AND sculptors in many mediums. Heck, there are even weavers…

Huh. You think this is a hard sell? Did I mention the booklet? There is a map, with over 30 stops to hit over two days. And at those stops, over 50 artists. Do you not think that he will LOVE trying to fit it all in? (I tried last year, and just missed my goal)…. Don’t you think he will get a kick out of traveling all over western Loudoun County- scenic countryside… historical villages? It is gorgeous. There are good places to dine, and wineries to do a quick tasting. There are even bed and breakfasts sponsoring the tour-great places to stay.

Okay. And here is the cool part, Mom. There is stuff for everyone! There is artwork to buy in all price ranges. The artists are there to meet, and you can see demonstrations of their work. There will be door prizes.

Oh. Here is the best part. It is free. FREE!!!

You are welcome, Mom. Check out the website: There are also booklets out in local stores. (I will send you one.)

Your artsy daughter,




The Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour

Saturday, June 19th, 10-5PM, Sunday, June 20, 12-5PM

Visit the studios of over 50 talented artists as you wind through the scenic countryside and historic villages of western Loudoun County. Enjoy paintings, pottery, jewelry, photography, fiber, sculpture and more!

Take this unique opportunity to talk personally with the artists, purchase artwork, view demonstrations and exhibits, or win a door prize!

FREE to public! For Tour Maps, lists of artists and more information please visit ur website at: or call 540.338.7973.


Mountains & Music – An Enchanted Evening

May 6, 2010

1st place - Jessi Warbis

On Saturday, May 15, the Loudoun Symphony and the Newton Marasco Foundation will collaborate to bring you a veritable feast for your senses!

Picture this: Evening approaches. Dressed in your finery, you are transported to an 18th century stone farmhouse in Round Hill from Franklin Park Arts Center.  Sipping wine, you mingle with fellow arts supporters and Maestro Mark Allen McCoy. You sample a dazzling array of culinary delights. The cumin-coconut chicken skewers…heavenly! The lamb spring rolls with curried honey mustard…DIVINE!  The enchanting sounds of Sylvia McClain‘s harp float through the air, making the evening even more magical.

2nd place - Jessica McCann

As the concert time nears, everyone is driven back to the Franklin Park Arts Center and dropped off at the doors. You make your way to your seat and settle in. The lights dim. There is an expectant stirring in the audience as you await the entrance of the performers. And then: Entry. Applause.

The concert begins with Webern: Langsamer Satz, which is a lush and unabashedly romantic piece written around 1905 when Webern was young and in love. Next up is Haydn:  Symphony No. 45 in F-Sharp Minor, “Farewell.” This elegant piece is full of musical originality and wit, as well as some physical humor. After intermission, the program features classical guitarist Miroslav Loncar in a guitar concerto by Castelnuovo-Tedesco. The legendary Spanish guitarist Andres Segovia described the beautiful slow movement of this concerto as “a tender farewell to the hills of Tuscany.” And as we come to the end of this magical evening, there is an Extra Special Treat for your ears and your eyes. As you are caressed by Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring Suite, the screen behind the orchestra displays stunning photographs of Western Loudoun and the Blue Ridge’s natural beauty. An all-engulfing experience.

3rd place - Annika Markert

The Newton Marasco Foundation is a Loudoun County nonprofit organization whose mission is to work collaboratively on issues related to environmental stewardship. The gorgeous 80 picture slide show is the result of their Loudoun Valley High School photo contest entitled Through Our Eyes: Celebrating the Beauty of Western Loudoun and the Blue Ridge.

The audience smiles with delight as the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra brings the pictures to life. After thunderous applause, you and the rest of the audience are left feeling enlightened and thankful to live in such a beautiful county with such wonderful local talent.

Is this something you want to miss? I think not. 😉

This is a two part event. You can attend the Pre-concert Reception or attend the concert or BOTH.

Pre-Concert Reception/Fundraiser: Contribution of at least $100 per person, proceeds will help the Loudoun Symphony to continue to deliver amazing experiences just like this. Don’t forget, donation amounts over $40 dollars per person are tax deductible. Space is limited. RESERVE SOON. Click here for full details.

Mountains & Music Concert: Door/Advance: Adults $18/$15; Seniors $15/$12; Youth 18 and under FREE. Tickets available at

Contributing hosts include Fields of Athenry Farm, Studio-B Graphics, M&M Print and Design, photographer Larr Kelly, and Virginia Coach Company.


Happenings! A Summer Art Camp Primer

April 19, 2010

Hey, guess what? Summer’s almost here and the kids will be out of school!


Just kidding.
But what are the kids going to do all summer? Video games? TV? Whine?
I got two words for you: SUMMER CAMPS.
I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest you broaden your child’s mind with some creativity by attending an art camp. Following are some great choices for Loudoun children.

Loudoun Parks and Recreation has a host of Performing & Visual Art Camps for kids aged 3 – 17. They start at page 11 on the PDF, including the BIRDS OF A FEATHER ART CAMP out in Purcellville, VA. This art studio will provide a truly unique art experience for child. For pictures and more information about The Birds of a Feather Art School, read this month’s Member Spotlight on the Loudoun Arts Directory

Kidz Act – If your child has a flair for the dramatic, perhaps a summer camp at Kidz Act will fit the bill. For more information, go to 

ArtSquare, Loudoun’s premier arts destination, announces SUMMER CAMPS 2010. We offer a vast array of summer camps for ages five through teens. Registration is now open! For more information, check out our Summer Camps schedule at or call us at 703-777-8043.   

Franklin Park Arts Center offers a variety of arts education programs for all ages which provide a way for the community to get involved in the process of creating visual art, theatre and dance and much more. They’ve especially got some fun-looking theatre camps for your little actor or actress. For more info:  

KidzArt offers a summer camp schedule with cool names like 3-D Camp for Middle School, Secret Agent Camp, and Out of this World Camp. Check ’em out at 

Treehouse for Creative Kids. TCK provides fine arts, theater and singing in weekly themed workshops. In addition to themed workshops, each week is filled with fun activities such as water games, fitness, sports, face painting, group & individual games and outdoor activities. Summer Camp Themed Workshops (June 21 to August 27) 

Lisa Zadravec Rodriguez offers various art camps at Claude Moore Rec Center. Art and Fun for a variety of ages and interests 5yrs – teen: 6/21-25 Great Little Artists (6-10 yrs); 6/28-7/2 Amazing Art Magic (7-11ysr); 7/12-16 Big Art World (5-9 yrs); 7/26-30 Art Obsessed @ Twilight (teens); 8/2-6 Mystery Art Detectives (8-12 yrs). All camps held at Claude Moore Rec Ctr. in Sterling. Go to for complete descriptions and registration information or call (703)404-2977. To register call (571)258-3600.  

Loudoun County Public Schools Summer in the Arts Camps. Summer in the Arts (SIA) is an enrichment program sponsored by Loudoun County Public Schools for county youth going into grades 6th – 12th during in the fall of 2010. SIA consists of workshops in the performing, literary, visual and creative arts. Offerings range from beginner/introductory to advanced/intensive workshops. For course descriptions and registration, go to  

Round Hill Arts Center has a full offering too! Classes like “Animal Art in the Dog Days,” Venetian Paper Arts Card Workshop, Introduction to the Pottery Wheel, and Felted Flowers Workshop make me want to sign up! For more information and registrations, go to  

Abrakadoodle Art Camps inspire kids to reach beyond and create art that is unique to them. By doing so, kids feel empowered to be creative and expressive. It’s amazing to see just what kids design when given the freedom to explore and to express themselves creatively! Imaginations soar!

Whew!  Sorry if I missed any…send me a note if you’re offering summer art camps, or better yet, submit them online under CLASSES at



rosalba negrete

April 13, 2010

Rosalba joined the Loudoun Arts Council a few months ago and I got to meet her for a few minutes yesterday when she stopped in to see the Loudoun Sketch Club exhibit.

Rosalba is a sculptress and a member of the Round Hill Artists Coop. She’s got a brand new website to explore at

Rosalba Negrete (sculpture)
Germinar, 14″ x 10″
stoneware, coil technique and cone 6 glaze

It was lovely to meet you! Welcome!

~ lee